Sarah Vella

Sarah Vella – Case Manager

Sarah is a former Police Officer.  Prior to that, Sarah worked as an Authorised Officer with Trading Standards, and as an Investigator with a trade organisation, investigating the sale of counterfeit goods on behalf of its members.

Sarah has extensive experience in categorising alleged indecent  and prohibited images of children, along with extreme pornography, according to the Sentencing Guidelines.  Such Image Reviews often result in a significant reduction in the number of images, or with increasing frequency,  resulting in the case being discontinued.  Working with Webmasters, Custodians of Records and the Russian Embassy, Sarah has been able to provide photographic documentary evidence to the court to show that many of the alleged children were in fact adult at the time the photographs were taken.

With over twenty years experience giving evidence to Magistrates, Crown and family courts, Sarah conducts all of your case reviews to ensure that all lines of investigation have been covered.