What our clients have said:

He was found Not Guilty on all counts yesterday.  A huge thank you to both yourself and Laura for all your assistance with this case.     Forrest Williams Solicitors March 2019

There’s a reason why you’re my go to techno expert – even though the instructions are few and far between!   Thank you for everything. The team have really gone above and beyond this time and we couldn’t have done it without you.          Birds Solicitors, September 2018

Just a quick email to thank Phil Moseley for his work on my case which has resulted in my case not going to trial – due to lack of evidence. Speaking with Phil yesterday & today he has been very helpful in assisting my case particularly in discussion with the prosecution expert.  He will no doubt have tales to tell of his experiences in Sheffield over the past 2 days but I very grateful for his assistance.                                  SB   March 2018

Thank you Sarah. You are so damn impressive. I wish all experts responded like your company.
James Gray, Drystone Chambers, November 2017

Co-defendants barristers were trying to be critical about the crown’s mobile phone analyst.  The Judge was not impressed that they didn’t think of instructing their own expert, just us.  Rick (Yeomans) explained  everything fully in a way people could understand.  Facts and figures are fine but not when no one can understand them.   As counsel said Rick was excellent in putting things into plain English….
Sternberg Reed Solicitors, July 2017

Thank you so much to all at Evidence Matters for your help throughout my trial.  My family and I will never forget how much you have helped to achieve an incredible result at trial.
Mr S. Roy, Barrister

Many thanks to you and Rashid for all your hard work recently – you pulled it off, you were excellent.
Iain Morley QC, 23 Essex Street

Thanks ever so much for all your help Sarah! –  With ALL my cases over the years!  You and EM really do go the extra mile!
Law Hurst Taylor Solicitors

The service you provide is fantastic.
Woodfines LLP 

The complainant had misled the police about the nature of the relationship between them and the text messages helped to establish her unreliability.   I am pleased to inform you that the defendant has been found Not Guilty after Trial.

I am very grateful for your kind and extremely prompt and efficient service. I will be delighted to use you again in future and to recommend you.
Quality Solicitors Dunn & Baker

“As a result of your expertise the prosecution have caved in on the remaining counts this young man faced. They were serious allegations and would have led, on conviction, to very long sentences.

From my discussions with prosecution counsel it was apparent that red faces abounded on that side.

Thank you very much for being instrumental in avoiding what might have been a truly dreadful outcome.”
N Rowland, 3 Paper Buildings

“Your help at court today and in preparing the report was invaluable. Getting the images down to the number that was on the final indictment was a really good result. I think it really will make the difference between the client getting custody and now hopefully a suspended sentence.”
Sternberg Reed 

“Your work was essential to his acquittal for rape! I can’t thank you enough.”
Lansbury Worthington Solicitors

“(He) was found not guilty after the jury were out for two hours only! An excellent result and the client was extremely happy”
Whiting & Purches Solicitors 

“That’s brilliant, if only all Experts were so quick!!!”
Goldspring Jones Solicitors 

“Thank you for your invaluable assistance… He took our advice and got a very lenient sentence”
Bankhouse Barristers

“I have no doubt that if this case had not been dealt with by yourself, the outcome would have been very different and I would most likely be serving a custodial sentence at this time…’
A. Collis