eDisclosure is becoming more and more prevalent as computers, seized by the prosecution, contain documents and email that can sometimes run to millions for a single case.

Evidence Matters Ltd., is able to assist you with ensuring that eDisclosure is conducted correctly by the prosecution, assist with verifying the data has been handled and presented correctly, and in ensuring that you have systems in place to allow you to de-duplicate and search the documents and emails effectively and efficiently.

Our bespoke eDiscovery service is particularly useful for conducting LPP reviews and will allow for multiple users in different physical locations to work concurrently, and likewise with high volume fraud matters where it may be desirable to have several people working on the case at any time.

Evidence Matters Ltd., provide our own, user-friendly, web-based eDiscovery/eDisclosure service from our secure servers and our clients include many high-profile law firms, the General Medical Council and Royal Gibraltar Police.

Please call us on 0330 660 0052 if you would like to discuss eDiscovery and would like to try our eDiscovery service with our test database.