Retrospective use of  call and data records from the service provider means we can identify the location and movement of a mobile telephone/iPad/tablet/tracker over a specified period.  Whilst cell site analysis cannot provide ‘X marks the spot’, our physical analysis of both ‘best’ and ‘available’ cells will provide you with the true geographical area that the device could have been in at the given time.

Similar data is held by some Tracking device companies and we are able to utilise this to show vehicle movements at a given time.

Call us to discuss your individual requirements or for assistance in obtaining data from the service providers*.

on 0330 660 0052 or 07921 579910 (24 hrs)

*Call Data Records are normally only held by the service providers for 12 months before deletion.

Please contact us immediately if you are close to the 12 month deadline.

Rick Yeomans